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Diabetic Recipes

Susan M. Mumm, MA

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Diabetic Recipes - Personal Growth Resources

I am not diabetic, but sadly, I have met many people through the years who became Type II Diabetics, and were struggling to manage their diabetes. Since cooking has always been such a huge interest of mine, I became inspired to develop a collection of good tasting diabetic recipes for my various acquaintances with Type II diabetes. I am not a nutritionist, but I have educated myself about what a diabetic friendly diet should consist of. Most of the recipes would work well for Type I diabetes as well.

I also want to issue a warning. I have examined a lot of magazines in grocery store racks claiming to offer “diabetic recipes”, hoping to add to my collection of recipes.

I think the creators of most of these magazines should be arrested. The recipes in these magazines contain way too many refined carbs and sugar to qualify as appropriate food for diabetics. So beware, and educate yourself about what a diabetic diet should contain and not contain. I believe a diabetic diet should consist mostly of lean meats and fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy products, salads, and only a small amount of high fiber grains. Some legumes are fine in moderation because, though they are higher in carbs than meat or fish, they are low fat and have good fiber. White bread and other white flour products should be avoided, including all white pasta. Even whole grain pasta should be eaten only occasionally, in very small portions. Potatoes and rice should basically be eliminated from your diet.

Desserts are something you should only eat as a special treat. It’s best to make your own desserts using Splenda. You can make your own frozen yogurt with chocolate or fruit sauce. You can also make your own chocolate and nut candies for occasional treats. You really cannot make low carb cakes or pies, they both contain too much grain. Fruit should be considered a dessert too and eaten in very small portions.

If you are wiling to invest time and energy cooking your own diabetic friendly meals, you can still enjoy a rich array of flavors, and successfully manage your disease. Lastly let me add, even the best diabetic diet needs to be supplemented with a ample daily exercise routine.



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